Night Club & Restaurant

Step into a night of endless fun, food, and relaxation. Welcome to Infinity.

Malboro - Goblet - Ward 21, Plot 43
(Sultana's Breath Subdivision Aetheryte)

Every Wednesday & Sunday 7pm - 10pm CST
See you there.

Connect with us: Infinity Discord Server

Night Club

Night Club

Make your way down the stairs through the hallway to your left. Drink and dance the night away as our delightful staff pamper you with entertainment and nourishment!



Our Steak House & Sushi restaurants are located downstairs passed the night club. Our chefs are ready to serve you with exquisite meals, fine wines, and delectable desserts!

Steak House


  • Beef Jerky

  • Beef Skewers

  • Steak Sandwich


  • Antelope Steak

  • Aldgoat Steak

  • Eft Steak

  • Smoked Raptor

  • Grilled Rail


  • Ishgardian Pillar Mead

  • Apple Juice

  • Water (complimentary)


  • Ask The Chef For The Desert Of The Night

Sushi Restaurant

Main Plates

  • Miso Dengaku

  • Onigara-Yaki

  • Tempura Platter


  • Salmon Roll

  • Tuna Roll

  • Crab Roll

  • Vegetable Roll


  • Doman Tea

  • Matcha

*All items are priced at 1000gil.

Table Dancers

  • Book a dancer with the Green "Looking for Party" Icon to come and join your party at your table for entertainment.

  • Rates: 50k/30mins

  • Note: This is voluntary. Not all dancers will be available for private dances.

Drink Menu


Beers & Brews

  • Ishgardian Pillar Mead

  • Fiend’s Beer

  • Equilibrium Beer

  • Zurvan’s Soar Beer

*All items are priced at 1000gil.


  • Thanalan’s Dry Bone Wine

  • Yellow Serpent Wine

  • Ishgardian Noble Wine


  • Rhalgar’s Whiskey

  • Ala Mhigan Tequila

  • Dravanian Vodka

Mixed Drinks

  • Lala-Bellinis

  • Nidhogg Daiquiri

  • Il Mhegaritas

  • Miqo’ Mimosas

Private Rooms

We also offer private rooms upon request. Please ask any of our staff members for more information. Rate: 50k/Night

Private Room

Bath House


On a hidden pathway as you walk past the entrance, our baths are available for you to soak your weary shoulders and relax for the rest of the night!

Our Team

Our Team

A group of misfits met up at an inn, had an idea and decided to run with it. Come meet and say hi to our lovely team who are always ready to serve our beloved patrons!

*More details will be added in the near future.